Medical Records Fraud Prevention

April 16, 2012 — 1,226 views  
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Using medical records to track patient care is very efficient and can help healthcare facilities provide better services more efficiently. However, medical record privacy is firmly protected by state and federal laws, so it's essential to avoid medical records fraud. Here are some tips you can use for preventing this situation.

Make sure to perform background checks on all clerical staff members that might eventually gain access to sensitive information. A prior history of using people's personal information should cause immediate concern and prevent a candidate from being hired.

However, it's much more likely mistakes and carelessness will lead to medical records fraud. For example, workers who are unfamiliar with computer systems or don't know how to use a particular program might unknowingly make information public when it should be kept private. Offer rigorous training courses so staff members know how to navigate sensitive data.

Healthcare facilities should also take care to establish good medical records habits. For example, all computers should be logged off when not in use, and passwords should be distributed to employees so that, should any information be released, it can be easily traced back to its source.