The Importance of Accurate Medical Record Reviews

Bob Kruse
July 12, 2012 — 1,453 views  
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Medical records contain information regarding patients' diagnosis, medication, social and medical history, lab tests and evaluations done by medical specialists and clinical staff. Medical record reviews have to be complete and accurate when it comes to settlement of insurance claims. Insurance companies depend on medical record review to finalize whether a patient is eligible for the claim submitted. Therefore medical record reviews have to be accurate, comprehensive, timely and adequate.

Customized Medical Review Services

Insurance companies have attorneys and physicians who will determine the validity of claims in medical malpractice, mass tort, negligence and personal injury cases. This is done by examining the medical records available. Medical review services provided by an experienced service provider will be a great assistance to medical-legal professionals in this field. Medical record review services include: • Evaluating, interpreting and organizing medical records accurately

• Ensuring that the medical records are complete
• Making sure that the required data is easily accessible
• Categorizing medical records into physician progress notes, operative records, nursing records, ER department records and so on.
• Identifying missing records
• Medical case summary
• Medical case chronology
• Numbering of records
• Providing the required number of copies

With easily accessible medical record reviews, medical-legal professionals can save considerable time and effort. Experienced professionals in a leading medical review company can offer value added services.

Benefits Offered by the Right Medical Record Review Company

The right service provider alone can ensure many benefits. The advantages you can expect include:

• Custom solutions according to your requirements
• Quality medical record reviews
• Multilevel quality assurance to ensure accuracy
• Unparalleled customer service
• Dedicated team to look after each client
• Competitive pricing
• Cost savings
• Timely services
• Customized TAT
• HIPAA compliance

There are many medical review companies offering excellent services to their clients, ensuring accurate medical record reviews. But it is important to locate the service provider whom you feel comfortable to work with. The real worth of a company can be determined by comparing it with other service providers in the field and evaluating their services possibly through a free trial offer most reliable companies make available. Client testimonials also give a clear picture of the company and its services. The ideal partner will be a medical record review firm that can work as an extension to your practice

Bob Kruse