Top 5 Must-Have Healthcare Technologies for Every Hospital

Jane Petersen
April 8, 2013 — 1,254 views  
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As computer systems become the base for most industries healthcare is not far behind. In fact, IT plays a very big role in management and smooth functioning of hospitals, high profile clinics and laboratories. Without support of information technology it may be difficult to handle a large organization or crisis situations that are common for hospitals.

More and more healthcare IT procedures are introduced in the market, and as the manager of a hospital you might find it confusing. Whether to go for high profile devices or an overall framework change, from selecting applications to training, it may be exhausting. To solve your problem there is a list of top five technologies every hospital should be using.

Must-Have #1: SSO with CCOW Integration

You may have the best of the IT products, but if they are not in sync there may be a big mess. Thus, you need to phase out all applications that do not reach a common platform, which is single sign-on (SSO). With this you may ensure that your hospital information system is integratedin a single format at one point. You may then may it for user audit sessions, security reporting or cost saving for password help desk.

Additionally, with integrations of Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW) the sharing of data between departments is smooth. This also aids in having a simple information flow with vendors, laboratories, different clinics, etc.

Must-Have #2: App-Driven Content and Document Management

Almost all documents and patient data are stored online. When it comes to editing documents or in case of multiples entries on a single page there is usually always confusion. There has to be a system for consolidating the latest version of documents as well as comments on their content. With various applications and software available for content management, the health record and patient information systems may be synchronized in real time under one single platform.

Must-Have #3: Virtualization of Software

Most hospitals are stuck with a dilemma, either upgrade the hardware and install new software systems, or retain the old systems with slow machines. This is why it is suggested that they store their software onto the virtual networks. Healthcare technology for virtualization allows you to change the machines while keeping the application programs more or less the same. This is similar to the Cloud technology.

Must-Have #4: Location Tracking

Infiltration of data and system in healthcare is now common. This is why most of the applications must be able to track the last login using location based awareness. This may allow or disallow acess from unauthorized places and networks.

Must-Have #5: New Browsing Technology

HTML and JavaScript have been forming the base of browsers and other applications in computers since a long time. However, these are primarily based on the web. You may need offline support and access for even machines outside of your organization. In healthcare sector, when dealing with hundreds or even thousands of computers you need to find an alternate technology that works simply over the Internet without the script base.

With these five technologies you are sure to streamline work and improve efficiency at your hospital.

Jane Petersen

CareTech Solutions