Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies

April 2, 2012 — 1,328 views  
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The forward march of technology often seems to drive nearly all things in modern society, and this is certainly true of the medical profession. Nurses, in particular, may reap significant benefits through the use of major technological trends such as remote patient monitoring technologies.

Although it is but one example of technology's prevalence in the nursing profession, remote patient monitoring can be viewed as massively important. According to MobiHealth News, the products necessary for this process were cited as having the fast-growing annual revenue of any medical device from the years 2008 to 2010. The news source reports that during that period, the growth rate was 23 percent. That number is expected to increase significantly in coming years.

These devices are incredibly valuable due to their capacity to facilitate virtual home care, making that process simple by transmitting information such as vital signs from a patient's home to a health care provider's office or hospital.

Nurses tasked with providing live-in care to senior citizens should strongly consider adopting the practices of remote patient monitoring, if they have not already done so. A nurse can instantly be made aware of any problems with a patient at a moment's notice, even when not in the patient's house.