Relaxation Techniques for the Weary Nurse

April 19, 2013 — 1,279 views  
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Nurses get extremely exhausted, and that is an understatement.  They work grueling 12 hour shifts and sometimes it's not unusual for a nurse to work even longer than that.  Nurses are a group of professionals that need a break, and a way to relax and unwind.  There are some ways that a nurse can get some relaxation if the nurse is getting tired and weary.

First, the nurse should make sure that they are wearing very comfortable uniform scrubs when they are at work.  Many uniform scrubs are made out of polyester.  Polyester tends to not breathe, and can be very hot and uncomfortable to wear.  Not only this, but the material doesn't give or stretch well.  This means that a lot of nurses will wear nursing uniforms that are ill fitting, and will be either too loose, or they will be too tight.  Either condition is very uncomfortable, and can wear a nurse out even faster than their shift duties will.  So the key is for the nurse to buy uniform scrubs that are made out of a good cotton material.  Cotton breathes, and this fact is very important for several reasons.  First, when a nurse wears uniform scrubs with breathable material, their skin will feel cooler, and more comfortable.  When their skin is  cooler and more comfortable, they will have more energy to last them through their shifts.  Cool and comfortable skin is a lot more relaxing than hot and clammy skin. So the nurse should make sure that they are buying comfortable uniform scrubs, along with very well structured, comfortable nursing shoes.

Second, a relaxation tip for nurses is to take slow walks during their breaks. It's hard for a nurse to get a break, but there are times when they can get away to grab something to drink, or to decompress.  When they can steal some time away, they should go to another floor, or go outside and take a nice relaxing walk.  This is another reason why the nurse should start out with comfortable uniform scrubs, and very comfortable nursing shoes.  Good nursing shoes will insulate the feet from shock, and should have great insoles.  Going for walks can help unload mental and emotional stress.

Finally, some other things that a weary nurse can do is to find a place to do stretches.  The mental and emotional stress that a nurse is under, along with bending, lifting, and running around will cause the muscles to feel tight, and knotted.  Again, it's important for the nurse to start out with comfortable, quality uniform scrubs, and good nursing shoes.   If they can, they should find an empty room, or a private corner to do some stretches that will relax them, and get their blood flowing.  They might also want to find a good chair to sit down in, and do some deep breathing exercises.  Both of these things will help to unload the mind, and release the body of any pent up stress or frustration.

These are but a few good techniques that a nurse can use to unwind and relax on the job.  Whatever technique you prefer, it is important to remember that relaxation should be a recurring part of a nurse's daily routine.