New iPhone 5's Motion Co-Processor Features Key Health Apps

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September 11, 2013 — 1,258 views  
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The new Apple iPhone 5S has been much awaited. Critics have been having a go at the company for its slowdown in the last few months. There have been rumors that Apple no longer stands for revolutionary technology. However, every one of these critics has been silenced with the phone’s motion co-processor which is a pioneer in health and fitness applications. Already there are thousands of fitness freaks who are checking out reviews and loving the idea that there is now an application made especially for their needs.

Pairing the M7 with the iPhone’s A7 Chip

The iPhone manages to do so by pairing the A7 chip with the new M7 motion sensor. The application has a number of uses. It comes with a fully functional accelerometer, a gyroscope, and even a compass. This is the perfect kit for those who regularly jog and do other forms of cardio exercises. The motion co-processor works in a way where it feeds data into the phone continuously based on the movement of the phone. This put together with the Nike Move application make for some cutting edge fitness monitoring mechanisms.

It is a very creative solution that is easy to administer because most people who go for long runs to keep fit take their phones with them. While listening to music on the iPhone 5S, now users can also keep a track of their fitness regimes and work on their timing and other things more easily. The M7 motion co-processor technology that goes into the Nike app is the first of its kind and will probably become the starting point for a new generation of fitness phones. Apple has identified a major area of health conscious iPhone users as their target customer. The phone is a major play in the mobile market and comes with many desirable upgrades.

Various Improvements on the new iPhone

The 5S will not only come with this excellent app, it also has quite an upgraded camera system and some software improvements as well. The battery life of the iPhone has always been an issue among its users. Now, the new iPhone comes with a ten hour battery life to resolve such issues. (This key trait will be very helpful for those in the medical/nursing field as well.) The processor also ensures that the phone works at lightning fast speeds that go up to about forty times faster when compared to the original iPhone. Using iOS 7 as its operating system, this will most definitely be one of the most desirable phones in the market.

Healthcare Training Resource