Key Risk Management Measures in Wireless Medical Technology

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September 20, 2013 — 1,174 views  
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Wireless medical technology can be immensely useful in maintenance of wireless medical records. In addition, this technology would offer mobility to patients by the elimination of wires as well as allow remote monitoring of patients. However, wireless risk management would be a great concern when using wireless medical devices.

Emerging Technologies

The motivation behind wireless medical records comes from the ubiquitous use of wireless technology in consumer devices. Doctors and patients have been increasingly demanding greater access to wireless technology. As a consequence an explosion in wireless medical device consumerism has taken place. It is evident that a boundless synergy is possible between consumer and medical device functionality, most of which remains to be explored. It is now possible to maintain wireless medical records in real time.

Android and iPhone apps are emerging as an increasingly attractive alternative for wireless device manufacturers. This is the way for them to avoid the development of an expensive product. An app is capable of performing the job effectively and cheaply, along with offering a richer experience for the user. Evidently then, it is the consumer trends that will continue to drive wireless medical technologies. Yet, the real problem with emerging technologies is wireless risk management.

Risks Involved in Wireless Medical Technologies

While wireless technology bestows several advantages including the efficient management of wireless medical records, there is a growing concern over risks involved with the use of wireless technology in health care. The concern has especially been voiced by the Homeland Security. The DHS has warned that the new technology despite better patient care and lower cost carries huge risks associated with wireless risk management. The question is how well-equipped is the healthcare industry to handle the risks? 

According to a Homeland Security report, malicious intrusion and the theft of medical information is a real risk that cannot simply be glossed over. In an imaginary scenario depicted in the TV sitcom “Homeland”, a terrorist is shown hacking into the U.S Vice President’s pacemaker and killing him with multiple electric shocks.

In other words, there are multiple threats associated with the use of wireless technology in medical devises. So, the real concern would continue to be the wireless risk management.

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