Illinois Nurses Wait in Line for New State Licenses

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October 3, 2013 — 1,177 views  
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Nursing is a profession that is highly underrated, and without nurses, doctors and surgeons will find it very hard to manage their practice. These nurses provide assistance to doctors as and when it is required and they also help treat patients that require less intense medical treatment. In Illinois, however, the nurses are facing a huge problem where they are not allowed to work until their license has been approved. This applies to the medical professionals as well, which means that patients who are awaiting treatment are put on hold as they are made to wait until their doctors have obtained their licenses.

Long Waiting Period

Nurses and medical professionals have been asked to wait for a period of at least 34 days for their licenses to be processed. Those who have sent in a permanent application have been asked to wait for about 4-5 weeks on an average as the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation have stated that they are short-handed. This department manages to provide licenses to over 1 million medical professionals which include nurses as well. The reason for this long transitional period is due to the fact that the department is utilizing their resources to handle the recent reassignments and retirements. This has reduced the number of staff for nurses licenses and by extension, halted many nurses from going to work. One of the other reasons why this process is lengthy is because the department exercises care and diligence when going through their applications in order to be thorough.

Old-Fashioned Process

A large contributor to the delay of these licenses getting approved is the manual system that the department follows with regard to issuing licenses is manual. This means that the department physically goes through applications and issues them on paper. There is no electronic system in place for the issue of these licenses as of now, but all renewals are made electronically. Even though the department received an emergency relief from the state of Chicago towards hiring more staff members to process physician licenses earlier this year, there is still no change in the time it takes for it to be completed. The department is trying its best to switch from the traditional, old-fashioned method of clearing their applications to an electronic medium. They have also stated that nurses should be more patient while waiting for their licensing to get approved.

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