Flu Shot Worries Those with Egg Allergies

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October 9, 2013 — 1,222 views  
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Have you been avoiding taking flu shots because you are allergic to eggs? Was it making you feel helpless every time you got down with flu? Well, you don’t have to bear with it anymore because you can finally immunize yourself from flu. No, we are not telling you to get those flu shots that are made from eggs. Instead there is a new and better option for those with egg allergies.

For long, most Americans have been skipping flu shots only because of their allergy to eggs. As the presently available flu shots are made from certain viruses which grow in eggs, they were said to be inappropriate for people with an allergy to eggs as they could trigger allergic reactions in some cases.

A Better Substitute for People with Allergies

The good news is that one of the federal advisory panels recently announced that a new vaccine against flu has been made available for those adults who have severe allergies. This new vaccine does not contain viruses from eggs as opposed to the older one. It’s called Flublok and uses a cell technology that is similar to most of the other vaccines.

What Makes Flublok Different From Present Flu Shots?

Protein Sciences Corp. came up with the idea of Flublok. The makers have said that this vaccine is much better than the old one. Flublok can be manufactured in much less time as compared to the older vaccine. This feature makes it very useful in the event of an epidemic. The main reason behind the faster creation of Flublok is that it does not rely on chicken eggs. The vaccine with eggs is said to be anywhere from16-63% effective against the disease. But Flublok contains thrice the amount of active ingredients found in the regular shots. It is much safer for people with egg allergies.

Ingredients Used in Making Flublok

Hemagglutinin (HA) is the influenza virus protein which is manufactured inside insect cells in steel tanks. (HA) is the same HA molecule which was being used in the previous flu shots. The difference is that instead of using eggs, this one makes use of insect cells.

This vaccine has been made available for the flu season of 2013-2014. But children will not be able to opt for this one as of yet. It has only been licensed for adults between the ages of 18 to 49.

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