Medicine Students Can Now Experience Real Life Cases through Stimulation Program

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November 7, 2013 — 1,168 views  
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Medical students are trained to perform surgeries and operations that are critical to people’s survival. It is very difficult for them to train themselves for a real-life event just through knowledge acquired in books. Now a medical simulation program has been developed where mannequins undergo life threatening issues and show symptoms of the exact kind.

This way, students can get a hands-on experience without having to face the stress of treating an actual victim. Out of the programs that have been developed till now, one is that of a toddler who undergoes seizures. The other two are those of an elderly man suffering from chest pain, and a pregnant lady who has a fever.

Studies have shown that the intensity that students in nursing and medicine show when they have life-size programmed dummies to deal with is far more than what is accomplished by mere text books. With this technology, the whole way in which medicine is taught may be changed. Providing students with engaging life-like situations leaves room for more interactive and perhaps more effective learning.

Inter-Professional Development Among Students and Teachers

In such activities, students act as teams to help save the life of a dummy which displays the symptoms of certain ailments. By actively being a part of the team, each student learns the different roles that doctors and nurses have to play when the same situation is replicated in real life. Even the faculty gets more involved in the teaching process and is given a medium to explain exactly what they mean by showing students the process on the dummies.

Results from Various Trials in Schools

Once the trial tests were administered in certain schools with the dummies, it was amazing to see the level of involvement of each student and the way every individual worked as a team as if the dummy was an actual patient. People learn better through different means. Some people learn better by seeing how things are done, some people learn better by doing, and so on.

In this case, students are able to learn effectively because of the multiple channels through which they have to process information to efficiently go through with the operation. Performing medical processes physically also engages students better and makes sure that they are paying full attention to what is being taught. The process is quite revolutionary in its own way.

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