Have a Doctor's Appointment Via Video Chat

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December 11, 2013 — 1,129 views  
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As time goes by, technology grows and has a significant effect on the lives of people everywhere. The latest trend that has touched the lives of many is the popularity of smart phones. With these smart phones, things that were hard to even imagine a few years ago have become possible now and you can get access to almost any information on these phones. With access to the Internet on these phones, you can send and receive e-mails on the move and you will always be abreast with what is happening around you.

App- The Mobile Software

The app is nothing but a software running on a phone or computer which helps you perform useful tasks, beyond the running of the system. With the advent of smart phones, the use of these apps has also become a huge phenomenon as many of these apps can be downloaded from the Internet for free and can be made use of without any fuss. These apps mostly run on the Apple's iOS system, or on Android. Within a short period of time at least one app has been developed and is available for doing all kinds of daily routine tasks ranging from the useful to the bizarre. One of these apps is the one that lets you consult your doctor via video chat known as Doctors on Demand.

Doctors on Demand

This app saves you precious time by helping you avoid the task of waiting your turn at the hospital clinic to meet your doctor. This app helps you to talk to your doctor via video chat on the smart phone. It is supported by both android and iOS. With the help of this app your doctor can prescribe medicines, direct your next actions, and diagnose your health issues. The whole process would hardly take a few minutes and you can pay the doctor for his time and advice through your credit card or with your health care plan.

Usually the fee of the doctor starts from 40 dollars and goes up with the amount of time spent. This app was launched with a three million dollar seed funding from six major investors- Athena Health, Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Venrock, Shasta Ventures and Lerer Ventures. There are about a thousand doctors registered with this app who are available from seven in the morning to eleven in the night. This development has been path-breaking and has made our busy and stressful life a lot easier to handle.

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