Remote Monitoring of Patients Could Keep Seniors out of Nursing Homes

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January 15, 2014 — 1,093 views  
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Senior citizens often have to forgo quite a bit so that they can get their treatment done on time and at regular intervals. After retirement, it becomes extremely difficult to manage traveling costs, medical costs and various other basic living costs. Apart from just the costs, the whole process is rather strenuous if you have to constantly exert to get medical checks done and manage your day-to-day life. Domestic help is also not very cheap, and may not be an option for some seniors, especially since they have to work with a constantly depleting money source.

The Physical and Emotional Impact of Moving Into Homes

However, the psychological impact of having to leave the house just so that you can be looked after at a home is quite a bit, and sometimes cannot even be handled. This is a general problem among the elderly, because quite a few of them have to face this decision at some point or another. The other source of concern is that the government has set aside a far lower budget in comparison to previous years, in the line of providing aid to the elderly. Without this external support, now it is becoming increasingly common to see people moving into homes, often against their wills.

Though nursing homes are beneficial as they provide constant support and a controlled environment, it is the overall impact that the move will happen on a person that is important. Leaving one way of life and walking into a completely different environment with different people is not an easy task, especially at such an age. Families may, or may not, be able to support their parents through the process, especially because many people may be new to the working life. In a recovering economy, it is not so easy to make the kind of money it takes to support yourself as well as parents.

Reducing Costs of Traveling and Counseling

A remote monitoring system will drastically cut down the traveling and medical costs that are so hard to counter. By placing a remote device that constantly checks the physical state of patients, elderly people are able to reduce their travelling by avoiding frequent and unnecessary trips to the doctor just for checkups. Also, for particular symptoms, the medication can be bought online, and doctors simply need to guide patients while in case they start to show signs of deterioration. 

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