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Arkansas' Bold Experiment: Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative and What It Means to You as a Provider

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Copyright 2013
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Gain the information you need to move forward in light of the changes that have started, and will continue, over the next several years in health care.

The Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative is changing the entire health care system in Arkansas. Both Medicaid and private payers are moving reimbursement for many services from fee for service to episodes of care, as well as implementing medical homes and health homes that will affect reimbursement and operations. Hospitals, physicians, home health, pharmacists, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, long-term care and just about every other provider will be affected. The experiment is being watched closely all over the nation and much is at stake, not only for state leaders but especially for health care providers of all types.

These reference materials are an opportunity for providers, their attorneys, financial advisers and others to sort through all the complexities and get to the bottom line on what this initiative means for your operations. These reference materials are for provider representatives, without payer spin.

Benefits for You:
•Understand episodes and how they differ for acute, chronic and long-term care
•Get insights into how payment reform affects provider integration
•Understand medical homes and health homes
•Gain understanding of retrospective reconciliation with illustrative examples
•Learn your due process rights when things go wrong


Moderator:, Michael W. Mitchell, Mitchell, Blackstock, Ivers & Sneddon, PLLC
Jonathan M. Fuchs, FACHE
David Ivers, Mitchell, Blackstock, Ivers & Sneddon, PLLC
Elisa M. White, Arkansas Hospital Association
Robert W. Wright, Mitchell, Blackstock, Ivers & Sneddon, PLLC