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HIPAA Changes That Will Impact Your Organization

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Get a refresher on HIPAA and understand all the most recent updates.Typical health care providers handle confidential medical information on a daily basis, unaware of the criminal value of that information. HIPAA compliance keeps confidential medical information away from the unauthorized. The Federal Office of Civil Rights regulates the confidentiality of all medical information and any breach, even minor ones, can have a disastrous effect on a medical practice, hospital, diagnostic center, nursing facility, or home health service.
This topic helps the provider and all support staff to understand the critical need to protect the patient's health information and how to build safeguards into their practice. This topic ensures compliance with discussion of real cases on how a data breach happens and what response is required by these rules. Reporting a breach and the needed public notifications will be discussed. Failure to comply with HIPAA rules is a federal offense, punishable by hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, tremendous legal bills and possible incarceration.


Paul Szklarski, MBA, FACHE, Salartash Surgical Associates

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