Seminar ID: 100684

Are Safety Contracts Valid in Suicide Crisis Intervention?

Presented By:
Jackson Rainer

Valdosta State University

You will Learn:

  • To attend to best practice in crisis intervention
  • To evaluate the validity and utility of safety contracts as a clinical strategy
  • To practice alternatives to safety contracts
  • Micrsokills relevant to suicide and crisis intervention technique
  • To examine contemporary research findings regarding safety contracts

Clinicians have been taught that safety contracts are a standard for risk management and therapeutic intervention when an individual is actively suicidal. But are they really helpful? This 10 minute preview of our upcoming live webinar, "Suicidology: Your Responsibilities for Protecting Your Clients and the Public," which takes place on January 28th, 2014, speaks to the contemporary research on the validity and utility of safety contracts as a therapeutic strategy.