Seminar ID: 100537

Legal Issues Facing Health Care Workers on a Daily Basis

Presented By:
Rachel Cartwright

Medical Legal Concepts, LLC

You will Learn:

  • Some of the most common claims brought against nurses in litigation.
  • The nursing role in medical malpractice litigation.
  • How you personally can significantly reduce your exposure to malpractice allegations
  • How to identify key components in and apply strategies to preventing liability claims.
  • How to have more confidence in documenting patient care and safeguarding your professional license.

Registered nurses have more professional accountability than at any other time in the history of nursing. As a result, nurses must realize they owe a higher duty of care to their patients and are more vulnerable to claims for professional negligence and possible malpractice than ever before. This 10 minute segment will identify some of the most common allegations brought against health care providers and how nurses can decrease their exposure to such allegations by applying some legally proven strategies.