Seminar ID: 100717

Powers of Attorney: Medical Records Release Concerns

Presented By:
Matthew P. Keris

Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin

You will Learn:

  • About Powers of Attorney by a respected health care attorney.
  • Practical knowledge on this formal legal arrangement.
  • How long Powers of Attorney’s are in effect.
  • Differentiate issues pertaining to Living Wills and Powers of Attorney.
  • The Benefits of Powers of Attorney.

You should attend this webinar to get a quick and easy understanding of the basics of powers of attorneys; what they are and; what they can do. Learn what an enforceable power of attorney is; common misunderstandings of power of attorneys and how long they are enforceable. By educating yourself as to the basics of power of attorney issues, you will be better prepared for your real-life difficulties associated with this legal arrangement. These important points, and much more, are also outlined in my upcoming live webinar on March 12, 2014 “Powers of Attorney: Medical Records Release Concerns”.