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Lean Health Care: Without Compromising Quality Health Care

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

Understand the key factors in successful lean implementation and start evolving and growing your organization.In an attempt to decrease costs and increase the quality of care being delivered, health care organizations spend millions of dollars each year on lean transformations only to see the efforts fall short or even to be abandoned. The implementation of lean methodologies has become too complicated. There is a simpler way. It is time to stop transforming and to start evolving and growing your organization's ability to be responsive and adaptable. This topic will help leadership roles that are responsible for driving performance and quality efforts to understand the key factors in successful Lean implementation and to establish the ability to answer three important questions: how is the organization performing? how should it be performing? and what is the plan going forward to improve performance? The material will also explain the methods required to establish concise information flow and actionable tactics to help your team do more. To be more.


Shannon B. Stewart, Leaning North Consulting, LLC


Lean Methodology in a Quality Management System

• Intent of Lean Implementation

• Fundamentals of Implementation

Successful Lean Implementation

• Failure Points

• Leading With Intent

• Establishing Appropriate Focus at All Levels

Sustainability: Layered Leadership

• Role of Each Level of Leadership

• Staff Engagement

Becoming Proactive

• Decreasing Surprises

• Structure for Effective Performance Communication

Strategic Deployment

• Strategy vs. Operations

• Driving Operation Deployment

• Strategic Deployment in a Crisis