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Limiting the Occurrence of Medical Errors: Lessons learned from Litigation

OnDemand Webinar (71 minutes)

Learn the most common medical errors seen in litigation and how to reduce your organization's risk of error.More than 15 years after the IOM (Institute of Medicine) report on medical errors and the start of the patient safety movement in the U.S., there are still more than 200,000 deaths annually from preventable medical errors. This topic will assist stakeholders in the healthcare industry understand the sources of medical errors, how those errors result in litigation and loss to the health care organization, and successful strategies in reducing the incidence of error and in limiting the negative effects of litigation.


Carmel M. Cosgrave, SmithAmundsen LLC


The Patient Safety Movement and Defining Medical Errors

• Lack of Uniform Definition of a Medical Error

• Incidences of Medical Errors After Nearly 20 Years of the Patient Safety Movement

• Success Stories in Reducing Medical Error

Common Types of Medical Errors Seen in Litigation

• Communication Errors, Hand-Offs and the EMR

• Process Failures

• Competence, Ignorance

Avoiding Litigation-the Effectiveness of Disclosure/Apology

• When It Works

• How It Works

• How It Fails