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Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Explore hypnosis methods that help clients overcome personal barriers and stay on track.At times, a client will come in for treatment for a certain physical, behavioral or family problem. They may be difficult to treat for reasons that don't make sense. For example, they can be doing quite well but once they get to a certain point they revert to their previous condition or they can refuse to follow direction all together. Practitioners can become frustrated when nothing seems to work. They may feel like the client is lying to them or withholding information or even that the client is purposely not following the expert advice and treatment recommendations. Sometimes, the medication that's supposed to help makes the situation worse or we thought we found a diagnosis that fits but after a few sessions, we are seeing something different. This topic provides a new lens and a new perspective on which to view conflicting and confusing behavior. By providing treatment that is trauma-informed, workers can help the client heal holistically. By using methods such as hypnosis and music therapy, many clients can experience healing and symptom relief either in conjunction with using medication or in place of using medicine. Clients can learn the techniques in the office and they can rehearse the techniques at home which allow them to create new daily habits. Additionally, this program provides tips and practical application methods that can help you adjust intake procedures to include the consideration of trauma informed care. You will learn many practical application techniques to help clients and you will gain tips about self-care for professionals which benefits patients, professionals and organizations as a whole.


Sheri Galvanized, Long Beach City College


Hypnosis and Healing

• What Is Hypnosis?

• Why Use Hypnosis for Healing Trauma?

• Essentials of Hypnosis

• Putting Hypnosis Into Practice

• Understanding Different States of Mind and Their Role in Healing

Trauma and Healing

• Obvious Examples of Traumatizing Events

• Overlooked Examples of Trauma

• Symptoms of Trauma

• Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES)

• Trauma and the Brain

• Trauma in Children Before the Age of 5 vs. Trauma in Adults

• Trauma and Stress Reactions in the Body

Healing Arts and Application

• Guided Imagery and Healing

• Visualization and Healing

• Hypnosis, Music and Stories

Research and Review

• The Work of Dr. Bruce Perry

• Trauma and Music Therapy

• Hypnosis for Ptsd

• Mirror Neurons

Practical Application and Techniques

• Building Trust

• The Safe Place

• Trauma Informed Care - Practical Application

• Practical Examples of Music Therapy

• Practical Examples of Hypnosis for Trauma

• Recommendations for Exercises to Reduce Symptoms of Trauma

• Using CBT in Conjunction With Hypnosis and Other Methods