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A Guide to the RAT-STATS Statistical Software

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

RAT-STATS can be a difficult program to understand without proper knowledge.

RAT-STATS is a free statistical software package developed by the U.S. government to help design, select, and extrapolate statistically valid random samples. Given the government's reliance on RAT-STATS, the software is routinely used by health care providers, payers, and compliance professionals when implementing their own statistical analysis. Unfortunately, RAT-STATS can be difficult to use, and the 394-page user guide and 245-page companion manual are overwhelmingly technical. This topic will demystify RAT-STATS in an easy-to-understand manner and will help users to effectively employ the software. The material explains the software's purpose, capabilities, and shortcomings along with a practical how-to discussion for each of its modules. The information also addresses the common pitfalls of using RAT-STATS. These topics are critical for those seeking to design and implement valid statistical sampling, as well as for those scrutinizing and rebutting poorly performed opposing analysis. This material will guide you and allow you to use RAT-STATS with confidence.


Christopher Haney, CPA, CFE, CHC, Forensus Group, LLC


Overview of Statistical Sampling

• Considerations for Sampling Strategy and the Role of RAT-STATS Statistical Software

• Statistical Sampling Framework and Technical Terminology

• Resources and Considerations for Effectively Implementing Sampling With RAT-STATS

Sample Size Determination

• Orienting RAT-STATS' Sample Size Module

• How to Determine Simple Random Sample (Unrestricted) Sizes

• Instructor-Led Exercise

• How to Determine Stratified Random Sample Sizes

• Instructor-Led Exercise

• Key Considerations for Interpreting Sample Size Results

Random Number Generation

• Orienting RAT-STATS' Random Numbers Module

• Instructor-Led Exercise

• Key Considerations for Randomization

Extrapolation of Results

• Orienting RAT-STATS' Appraisal Module

• Instructor-Led Exercise

• Interpreting Results of Extrapolation

• Key Considerations for Extrapolation

Common Pitfalls of Statistical Sampling

• Using RAT-STATS Without a Broader Framework

• Proper Documentation for Audit and Replication

• Practical Considerations for Interesting RAT-STATS Reports