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Review of HIPAA's Criminal Liability Provisions Under HIPAA's Standards

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understand potential penalties for different HIPAA violations and how to prevent criminal liability.As amended by the HiTRUST Act, HIPAA now imposes criminal sanctions on any individuals, regardless of whether or not employed by a health care provider, health plan, or health care clearinghouse (or any of their business associates). Not only does the federal Department of Justice have authority to pursue criminal prosecutions under HIPAA, but each and every state attorney general may pursue civil remedies. By understanding the risks that lead to criminal prosecutions, health care organizations can take preventive and detective steps to minimize these risks and best protect their business reputations. Historic enforcement actions offer key insights into the regulatory mindset, and the remediation contained in them can be used as a roadmap for testing the effectiveness of your own safeguards, controls, and early warning systems.


Leslie Bender, CIPP/US, CCCO, CCCA, IFCCE, Clark Hill PLC


Who May Be Subject to Criminal Prosecution for Knowing Violations of HIPAA's Privacy Rule or Security Rule?

What Are the Criminal Penalties Under HIPAA, Including Fines and Imprisonment?

Who Are the Enforcers of HIPAA's Criminal (and Civil) Penalties - State Attorneys General and the Department of Justice

What Preventive Compliance Lessons Can We Learn From the Past Twelve Months of HIPAA Enforcement?

Practice Pointers - Five Key Takeaways to Get Started on a Quick Review and Tune up of Your HIPAA Compliance Program